Tim Van Valen

Chief Legal Counsel | New Mexico Taxation & Revenue Dept


Tim Van Valen is a New Mexico attorney with 35 years of experience.  For over 25 years, his practice has been devoted almost exclusively to New Mexico taxation issues for businesses, primarily large, multi-state or multinational. Common topics are tax research and planning, litigation and appeals, legislation and government affairs, regulations, private letter rulings, and unique issues relating to business activities involving Native American tribes, nations, and pueblos.

 Industries That Tim has represented include oil and gas exploration, drilling, production, and pipelines; film, television and radio; internet commerce; big-box retail; federal contractors; renewable energy, electric generation and transmission; healthcare and assisted living; private prisons; construction, engineering and manufacturing; software and hardware; coal and hard rock mining; hospitality; railroads and trucking; aerospace; national laboratories; research and development; franchisors; nonprofits; staffing companies.